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To work with our clients – we listen, analyse, demonstrate and solve issues to help create a clean, hygienic and engaging washroom experience through innovative products and functional design.
To become the leading solution provider and supplier for all washroom facilities within the hospitality and leisure industry.
Honesty. Trust. Reliability.
The executive office suite, the university campus, the sports stadium, the shopping centre or the hotel suite, no matter where our lives take us, there is simply nothing worse than a visit to a washroom thats’ dirty, unhygienic, vandalised, overcrowded or smells unpleasent! We’ve all been there and experienced it and it can literally ruin your whole day. Thankfully, most establishments have a regular cleaning schedule and provide all the essentials needed in a busy public washroom, for staff and visitors alike. But unfortunately, often a lack of understanding of what’s required for todays busy lifestyles and incorrect cleaning application is what lets down even the smartest washrooms.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

At Artisan, we’ve put to use our knowledge of over 16 years in the cleaning and hygiene industry to help our clients provide the very best and pleasent experience for their washroom users. No single dispenser or hygiene system works best in every environment, so we’ve tested just about everything thats’ out there and selected the best performing systems for you, wherever you are. What is the most important washroom criteria for you? High capacity? Speed? Low cost/energy efficient? Environmentally friendly? Low noise levels? Long-lasting air fragrances? High-quality fittings? Vandal-resistant? Public safety? Clean and stain-free floors? Whatever challenges you face, Artisan have the products and solutions that are true problem solvers.


We care about the environment we live in and strive to promote products and solutions that are made from recycled materials, reduce waste and are manufactured from sustainable sources
At Artisan, we believe in uniqueness and we achieve this through sourcing the best products for washroom hygiene and design. Create a unique and pleasant washroom experience for your clients.

Hygiene Is Our Passion

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