Wipers & Cloths

Ocean Wipes

A general purpose medium weight cleaning wipe. Made from a viscose and polyester blend. Ocean wipes are food contact safe.

Size: 50 x 35cm

Pack: 50

Colours: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow



Velette Wipes

A general purpose, heavyweight wipe with great absorbency, containing an antibacterial agent which inhibits bacterial growth and odours on the wipe. Cloths are thick, strong and durable, and can be washed and reused many times. Made from a viscose, polyester and antibacterial blend, it is also food contact safe.

Size: 50 x 35cm

Pack: 25

Colours: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, White

Microtex Microfibre Cloth

​Microtex is a premium microfibre cloth with high absorbency and is great for heavier duty cleaning tasks.

Size: 40 x 40cm

Pack: 10

Colours: blue/pink/green/


Microscrub Microfibre Cloth

A microfibre cloth with an added scrubbing scourer corner. The ultra-fine microfibres capture dirt from most surfaces while the scrubbing corner is great for stubborn marks.

Size: 40 x 40cm

Pack: 5

Colour: Grey

Hi-Shine Microfibre Cloth

Hi-shine microfibre cloth is designed to give a fast, smear-free clean on glass, steel and shiny surfaces. A thick, semi-disposable microfibre cloth, which can be used damp or dry, it is highly absorbent but easy to wring out and dries quickly after use.

Size: 40 x 40cm

Pack: 10

Colours: Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow

Weight: 140gsm

Barista Cloth

The Barista cloth is a heat resistant, food safe, antibacterial cloth. Designed with the Barista industry in mind, it can be used on steam wands and other heated coffee machine components, while offering protection to the user. It is suitable for any surface type, and the antibacterial treatment inhibits the growth of germs and odours on the cloth, which is made from 100% biodegradable viscose. 

The cloth has been designed with the needs of baristas in mind and has been externally certified against BS EN ISO 12127-1 2015 and approved to be heat resistant up to 250°C.

Size: 42 x 33cm

Pack: 10

Cotton Glass Cloth

A standard quality glass cloth, available in assorted colours.

Size: 50 x 76cm

Pack: 10

Colours: White+Red, White+Blue, White+Green

White Honeycomb Waiters Cloth

A professional quality towel, traditionally carried by waiters and used to wipe glassware or cutlery if needed.

Size: 50 x 76cm

Pack: 10

Colour: White

Terry Tea Towel

A standard terry tea towel. Suitable for general use in catering environments. Comes in assorted colours.

Size: 45 x 68cm

Pack: 10

Colour: Assorted

Finger Grip Sponge Scourer

Sponge scouring pad shaped for easy gripping and ideal for tough cleaning tasks. 

Size: 13 x 7 x 4cm

Pack: 10

Colour: Yellow

Caterers Sponge Scourer

Large sponge scouring pad ideal for easy removal of stubborn dirt, and for general cleaning and wiping.

Size: 14 x 4 x 9cm

Pack: 10

Colour: Yellow

Magic Erase-All Sponge

A multi-surface cleaning sponge which quickly removes stubborn marks from most surfaces without the need for chemicals. Ideal for removing stains and marks from tiles, tea-stained crockery, paintwork, floor and kitchen surfaces - just wet and wipe.

Size: 10 x 3 x 6cm

Pack: 10

Colour: White

Magic Erase-All Floor Pad

A larger version of the Erase-all hand sponge, suitable for use with the Octopus cleaning tool. It easily removes stubborn dirt without the need for chemicals. Ideal for tackling scuff marks and stains on floors and skirting.

(The pad fits onto the Octopus Cleaning Tool and Handy Kit).

Size: 23 x 10cm

Pack: 5

Handy Scrub Kit

A hand-held cleaning tool with a tough shaped plastic handle, ideal for use on floor and other hard surfaces. Comes complete with three cleaning pads. It can also be used with the Maxi erase-all floor pad.

Size: 24 x 10 x 7cm

Octopus Scrub Pad System

A flexible scrubbing tool which is ideal for cleaning both floors and skirting. Made from tough plastic, with a swivel head to reach into corners and a choice of three grades of abrasive pads for light, medium and heavy duty use. We recommend using it with the Aluminium handle (APAH-137RS).  It can also be used with the Maxi erase-all floor pad, which easily removes stubborn dirt without the need for chemicals.

Size: 23 x 10cm

Available as kit with 3 pads, cleaning tool only or replacement pads only.

White: Light duty

Blue: Medium duty

Black: Heavy duty

Golden Magnet Dust Maid

The Golden Magnet Dust maid has a V-shaped fringe head which makes it ideal for use on difficult dusting areas like pipes and blinds, as well as a general handheld duster. Its short handle can also be attached to a longer pole to reach higher areas.