iSANI ONE Hand Dryer

The only intelligent marketing & advertising hand dryer with WIFI, GSM & LAN technology in the World - now with a bigger 10" screen and built-in touchless hand sanitiser unit

The iSANI ONE is an upgrade to the iCAST (see video below) - same quality and features but bigger, more advanced, new style and improved hygiene. (new iSANI ONE video update coming soon)

Capture your visitors attention with high quality video content for specific product offers and advertising, travel/flight updates, the latest news or just relaxing music. These are ideal features when installed in washrooms in shopping centres, airports, railway stations, motorway service stations etc.

Unique safety features also allow the iSANI ONE to be connected to all warning stations, such as smoke alarm systems, fire escape route, active shooter alert and many more. Perfect for universities, schools and sports & entertainment venues or indeed, any public venue.


The iSANI ONE also helps traceability of traffic in your washrooms and a better understanding of your environment. A great feature for facilities management companies.

Due to its full WIFI, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity, video content or saftey messages can be uploaded in seconds from any Bluetooth device, from practically anywhere in the world.

The addition of a built-in, automatic sensor operated hand sanitiser dispenser makes this ultimate washroom hygiene unit. Refillable, and suitable for liquids or gels. 

Unique remote connectivity worldwide



  Hand Dryer:  

  • 10.1"" touch screen - WiFi, GSM, Ethernet & Bluetooth connectivity for data upload & remote maintenance

  • Real-time video/audio operation - great for stadiums/sporting events - don't miss a minute of the action - even when having to take a bathroom break!

  • Unique interactive communication between the machine and the end user   - full WiFi monitoring worldwide

  • High velocity airflow - fastest drying time at just 8 seconds

  • HEPA cartridge with foam prefilter for sanitised air-flow

  • Adjustable output airflow temperature

  • Automatic infrared actuated sensor for power conservation and maximum hygiene

  • Celanese casing filters the air and remove impurities for better hygiene

  • Antibacterial coating

  • Universal voltage - automatic voltage switching

  • Designed for easy installation

  • Smallest footprint on the market

  • Robust, vandal-resistant construction for greater product durability and longevity

  • Tamper-proof screws

  • Vandal-resistant ABS plexiglass screen protector

  • Contributes to LEED building Certification

  • Manufacturers' lifetime warranty - the best in the industry

  • Adjustable temperature  control

  • Made for high traffic public areas

  • Available in White, Black, Brushed Stainless Steel or Chrome

  Hand Sanitiser Dispenser:  

  • 500ml capacity refillable hand sanitiser reservoir

  • High quality, non-leaking pump

  • Suitable for liquid, gel or spray

  • Lockable unit to prevent tampering

  • Touchless infrared sensor operation with LED indicator

  • Plays music when sensor is activated (optional)



Voltage: Universal 115-230*VAC (*50/60Hz)

Wattage: 1000W at 4.3A (230VAC)

Volts Hz: 115 - 230, 50 - 60

Air velocity: LFM - 8600.   CFM - 150​

Noise dB: 75


Motor: Vacuum Motor, 36,000 RPM (outside the enclosure),

             5/8HP 20,000 RPM (installed in the enclosure)

Heating Element: 400w resistance coil

Dimensions: H304 x W343 x D101 mm

Weight: 6.9kg

Construction Material: Reinforced premium grade steel

Controls & Wiring: Automatic resetting thermostat with cutout when airflow is restricted

                                   Infrared sensor cutout two seconds after hand removal, and 85

                                   seconds after initiating drying

Installation: Removable predrilled baseplate for easy mounting

CSA certified for use in Canada and the U.S.   CE approved for use where applicable

Worldwide Patent




[ All prices shown are exclusive of VAT ]

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