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Microspeedy Flat Mop System

The Microspeedy kit is a professional complete flat mopping system which enables easier, faster and more effective cleaning, especially in high traffic environments where surfaces need to be cleaned and dried quickly.

It is designed to be used with the highly effective and easily fitted 40cm microfibre flat mop pads, which uses the minimum amount of water for fast drying, and doesn’t need chemicals for excellent cleaning results.

The plastic break-frame mop head ensures easy fitting and removal of mop pad, and comes flagged in the four hygiene colours plus grey. The kit comes complete with lightweight colour-coded aluminium handle and the wheeled 20L Speedy mop bucket, a combination bucket and wringer with a built-in water divider to seperate clean and dirty water for better hygiene.


The mop is most effective when damp - it is not used saturated with water like a conventional mop. This results in quicker drying and safer floors with minimum disruption to the cleaning area. 

  • Microfibre - attracts and holds dirt for effective cleaning

  • Fast - efficient wringer removes most of the water for quicker drying

  • Hygienic - colour coded flagged mop head for use in different areas

  • Safer - Speedy mop bucket has ‘wet floor’ graphics on two sides

Excel Revolution Socket Mop

​A circular mop head with the Exel push fit socket. Stayflat band holds the circular shape enabling the mop to cover a larger floor area, whilst the looped yarn prevents linting and tangling when in use. Made from a unique blend of polyester and cotton yarn for improved strength and absorbency. Washable up to 60 degrees.

Weight: 250g

Colours: blue/red/green/


Microfibre Socket Mop

​A socket mop combined with the latest microfibre technology, which gives excellent absorption and cleaning without the need for chemicals. Made with a stayflat band which holds the the circular shape enabling the mop to cover a larger floor area, whilst the looped end yarn prevents linting and tangling.

Weight: 300g

Colours: red/green/blue/


Big White Excel Socket Mop

A disposable mopping solution for improved hygiene. Lightweight, super-absorbent mop made from non-woven fabric strips, with extra-secure Exel push-fit fitting to avoid mop slipping in handle when wringing. A great value, fast drying alternative to cotton mops, ideal for smaller areas. Colour coded sockets.

Weight: 117g

Colours: blue/red/green/



Microfibre Stayflat Kentucky Mop

A high quality, extra absorbent microfibre mop, ideal for fast and hygienic cleaning of large floor areas without the need for chemicals. The stayflat band keeps the yarn flat on the floor surface enabling the mop to cover a larger floor area whilst the looped end yarn reduceds linting and tangling in use. For use with our Kentucky fittings. Flagged for colour coding.

Excel Aluminium Handle

​A lightweight aluminium handle with push fitting which can be used with all Exel sockets. Available with handle grip in six colours for easy colour coding.

Colours: blue/black/yellow/white/


Length; 137cm

Abbey Aluminium Handle

​A versatile aluminium handle with T1 screw thread which can be used with mops, mop holders, washable brushware and squeegees. Available with handle grip in five colours for easy colour coding.

Colours: blue/yellow/white/red/green

Length: 137cm

Abbey Handle with Kentucky Fitting

​A lightweight aluminium handle with plastic fitting suitable for use with Kentucky mop heads.

Colours: blue/yellow/white/red


Length: 137cm

15Ltr Professional Bucket & Wringer

A sturdy polypropylene bucket with a high profile clip on wringer to reduce spillage. Printed with ‘Caution wet floor’ on two sides and graduation marks. Available in red, blue, green, yellow and white.

14Ltr Double

Bucket & Wringer

A two section bucket with eight and six litre compartments and a central wringer, designed to separate clean and dirty water for improved hygiene. Heavy duty double handle for extra safety when carrying. Available in blue, red, green and yellow.

23Ltr Smoothline Kentucky

Bucket & Viceroy Wringer

A professional and sturdy 23 litre wheeled bucket, designed for strength, easy use and efficient mobility. Ideal for use with Kentucky mops up to 560g (20oz). Made in the UK from hardwearing polypropylene with dirt retaining sump for improved hygiene. Wringer attachments are easy to fit and remove. Available in four colours, with or without wringer. Smoothline buckets feature the warning symbol.

The heavy-duty Viceroy wringer has a deep base to take mops weighing from 450-560g, and a steel pressure bar for effective wringing of water from larger mops. Available with or without colour coded side panels. (Wringer available seperately if required).


Heavy Duty

Floor Squeegee

A professional, plastic squeegee with twin foam rubber blades, ideal for fast cleaning and drying of all hard floors. Available in a range of sizes to suit all needs, and in five colours for easy colour coding. Suitable for use with the Abbey handle - available seperately.

Colours: blue/red/green/yellow/grey.

Sizes: 35/45/55/65/75cm.



Floor Scraper Kit for stone/ceramic floors

Floor Scraper Kit for wood/vinyl floors

Wall Tidy

A good quality scraper with a deeper blade, which easily removes stubborn dirt, gum or mud from floors. Blade designed for use on stone and ceramic floors. (Replacement blades available).

Kit: blade/blade holder/handle.

Colours: blue/red/green/yellow/white.

Size: 147 x 20cm.

A good quality scraper with a deeper blade, which easily removes stubborn dirt, gum or mud from floors. Blade designed for use on wood and vinyl floors. (Replacement blades available).

Kit: blade/blade holder/red handle.

Size: 147 x 20cm.

High quality wall-mounted rack for space-saving storage of your handles and tools. Push and grip design fits handles from 9-35mm diameter. Available in five colours.


Safety Floor Sign


Stackable Caution Cone


Hanging Door Safety Sign

A quality double sided A frame sign to warn against potential hazards from wet floor surfaces during and after cleaning or spillages. Made from vivid yellow plastic with bright red/black graphics.

Available with a range of warning messages. No assembly needed, folds flat for easy storage.

Messages available:





Size: 62 x 30cm.

A sturdy bright yellow cone made from tough polypropylene with ‘CAUTION’ in bold print on both sides to warn against hazards. Stackable for easy storage.

Size; 46cm.

A handy, spring-loaded bar with hanging 'CLOSED FOR CLEANING' sign, easily fitted to doorways from 70-95cm to prevent entry during cleaning. Ideal for use in public areas and buildings, hotels, offices and other workplaces. Made from flexible, hardwearing materials with rubber end caps to prevent damage to door frames. Rolls up for easy storage when not in use.  ('For cleaning' can be hidden for general use).

Size: 70-95cm.


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