Update: The Entire Baywest range now branded North Shore

Northwood Hygiene took on the market-leading Baywest brand back in late 2016 and following a new fresh look to the range, rebranded it to ‘North Shore’ in April 2018. While the dispensers were adjusted and improved, the existing Baywest refills still fit.  Only the soap dispenser and its refill cartridges are completely changed – however, the original Baywest cartridges are still available as we know there’s still a lot of old dispensers in use.  Keep reading to discover the full range!

Baywest Dispensers vs North Shore Dispensers

If you require an overview of the recent changes to this range, please see below.

Baywest Toilet Roll Dispensers

This innovative and compact design comes with a smooth action mechanism and reduces waste as the user can only access the toilet roll in use.  With the small design, this dispenser is perfect for the smaller cubicle or where space is limited.  The toilet rolls come individually wrapped to ensure maximum hygiene and two rolls can be fitted into this system.  

Baywest Paper Hand Towel Dispensers

Both the hand towel roll system and the folded towel system come in three colours; black, white, and blue making them ideal for any and every venue.  With reducing waste in mind, the hand towel roll system is fitted with controlled sheet length and a stub transfer roll feature which ensures continuous supply of paper and zero waste.  The folded towel system has a small opening to ensure that the towels stay in place, and do not end up on the floor.  Looking for a system for a large venue?  Then the hand towel roll system is perfect for you.  Maybe the first aid room needs a towel dispenser?  The folded towel system will fit your needs.

Baywest Foam Soap Dispensers

This simple manual pump-operated soap dispenser comes with a series of options – lotion foam, antibacterial foam, instant hand sanitiser foam, and alcohol gel.  We offer both alcohol and alcohol-free foam soaps to ensure that we can cover all preferences and needs.  The system also comes with a large easy action push bar, making it perfect for children and elderly users.  The soap come in sealed cartridges to ensure that they are airtight and free from other contamination.

North Shore ORBIT System Dispenser:

This is a unique four-carousel system comes with a smooth action mechanism.  It reduces waste as the user can only access the roll in use, and is hygienic as each toilet roll is individually wrapped.  With it’s high capacity of 5,000 sheets, it saves a lot of refilling time!      

Recent changes and improvements to the Baywest (now North Shore) range:

  • Orbit large toilet roll dispenser:  This product used to be called Revolution and is now capable of holding 4 rolls instead of three – the highest capacity toilet roll holder on the market!  The dispenser is also now slightly smaller and comes with a lock better positioned and strengthened to prevent breakage. 
  • Side-by-side toilet roll dispenser: This product has also been made slightly smaller, therefore resulting in a sleeker finish and making it perfect for small toilets where space is restricted.
  • Hand towel roll dispenser:  This is now available in both manual and as a touchless, automatic version – hygiene is at the forefront of our minds. 
  • Microfold hand towel dispenser: As the name suggests, this is the most compact folded towel dispenser on the market – have a small space?  This is perfect for you. 
  • Soap dispenser: This is a completely new, uniform design and foam cartridge.  We also added a liquid hand sanitiser gel version to the range. 
  • On all the dispensers, the locks are kept the same – this means that the original Baywest key still fits all new dispensers. 
  • The 616 toilet tissue we offer is the fastest flushing/breakdown toilet paper on the market.  This feature means it prevents blocked toilets.  Not only this, but the toilet paper is also recycled, making it perfect for the environment. 

Why choose Artisan?

  • Because the dispensers have features to stop wastage and overuse, our customers have been able to save up to 40% cost in use savings against other systems
  • We offer a free no-obligation trial
  • We carry out a free on-site analysis of your current system, and provide you with a full cost-in-use analysis so you can se exactly how much you will save.
  • All dispensers are supplied free-on-loan 
  • We also offer a free installation service on orders over 20 dispensers. 

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