ORBIT high capacity

SIDE-BY-SIDE compact

  • Unique four roll carousel

  • Smooth action mechanism

  • Reduces waste - user can only access the roll in use

  • Hygienic - Rolls are wrapped

  • High capacity - up to 5000 sheets - saves time refilling

  • Semi-transparent - easy and quick for refilling

  • Economical - special anti-spin restrictor in roll cores prevents overuse and wastage

  • Robust vandal resistant design

  • Lockable - reduces theft

  • Simple to use for all ages

  • Perfect for high footfall venues - schools, sports facilities, airports etc.

  • Available in black, white or blue

  • Size: 362H x 348W x 152D mm

  • Dispensers available free-on-loan with refill roll product contract

  • Ask us about our free trial programme


Special / unique toilet tissue paper available for this system dispenser...

Are your premises connected to old drains or a septic tank?

Do you frequently have costly and time consuming blocked toilets?

The very fast breakdown in water feature of the North Shore system toilet rolls are the perfect solution to these problems.

Many historic buildings, museums, farm parks and schools have proved the benefit of this environmently friendly / Eco-Label accredited tissue.