FORCE POWER BLAST Air Freshener Spray


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'A power blast of awesome room-filling scent!'

  • Extremely powerful XL aerosol spray (340mm tall can / 750ml capacity)
  • Unique funnel design nozzle produces a supersize blast of fragrance
  • Perfumes an area of up to 140m3 for  up to 12 hours
  • Excellent fast response product to overcome bad odours
  • Ideal for hotel rooms and hire vehicles to quickly eradicate unpleasant smells such as tobacco or body odours
  • 2 unique highly concentrated fragrances - professional, superior quality scents based on essential oils:
  • EUCALYPTUS ODOUR DESTROYER:  A fresh, pleasant, lemon fragrance combined with eucalyptus and verbena. Eliminates bad odours and a beautiful fresh scent.
  • FRUIDO:  A beautiful combination of sweet sorbet and flowery powdered harmony. The melon and apple dominate with the head note, then melt into an harmony of mimosa and jasmine before finishing with a base of green moss.
  • NOCTURNE: A berry based and fresh/sensual woody scent opens on a powdery and floral heart then develops into a woody perfume with a mysterious end note. (Inspired by La Nuit de L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent).

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Eucalyptus, Fruido, Nocturne


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