LOOWY Toilet Brush & Holder Set


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Loowy is a new, revolutionary way to clean toilets, replacing the old fashioned and dirty toilet brush with a silicone, antibacterial and water repellent waveform blade for cleanliness right up to the edge.
It’s also quick-drying, easy rinse and durable. By staying clean and clog-free, it lasts far longer than a conventional toilet brush – saving money and reducing plastic waste.
Key features and benefits

  • Unique waveform head for effective wiping
  • Doesn’t clog like traditional toilet brushes
  • No annoying drops thanks to water repellent coating
  • Antibacterial blade for hygienic cleaning
  • Easy to clean
  • A modern, contemporary design
  • Long lasting and saves plastic waste with a 2-year guarantee
  • Grey / white

It’s great for general use but also where brushes aren’t left next to toilets as it’s easily moved without unhygienic drips.

Dimensions: H390 x Dia.140mm.

Additional information

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