Matt Black Steel Bulkpack Toilet Tissue Dispenser



The Matt Black Steel Bulkpack Toilet Tissue Dispenser is epoxy powder coated in black.

It's both stylish and functional for all commercial washrooms.

It’s practical and robust whilst offering an executive finish with it’s black steel lockable cover, the backplate and aperture has a smooth gloss powder coated finish to protect hands when dispensing and reloading.

The sturdy design makes this dispenser durable and fits perfectly in smaller spaces, ideal for smaller cubicles that are restricted with space when installing on to the wall.

The key lockable unit also features a level window indicator which is located at the front to check when stock levels are low.

• Manufactured in the UK
• Cover epoxy powder coated black steel
• Backplate epoxy powder coated steel
• Front window to check stock levels
• Low profile chrome lock, fixing kit and key provided

Bulk pack toilet tissues up to 125mm in width CAPACITY 250mm stack.
Suits a wide variety of toilet tissue brands and fits bulk pack papers.
DIMENSIONS: H270 x W130 x D110mm.

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg


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