Nickel & Ross Scent Atomiser Spray




Nickel & Ross Luxury Scent Atomiser – 125ml spray.

Beautiful and irresistible range of scents inspired by designer pefumes and aftershaves.

Smart perfume-style, personal size sprays.

For you, your space, bathroom, car, bag etc.

Two fragrances available (with more coming soon):

ECLIPSE – Inspired by La Nuit De L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

A berry based and fresh/sensual woody scent opens on a powdery and floral heart then develops into a woody perfume with a mysterious end note.

SOLSTICE – Inspired by Boss Bottle by Hugo Boss

A fresh and modern fragrance starting on a fresh scent of green apple, giving way to a spicy vibrant heart note and finishing on a sweet wood masculine mix.

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