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The ONE Series – the quietest hand dryer in the world. An ideal product for washrooms in quiet study areas in colleges and universities, student living areas, libraries and special-needs schools. Its’ super low noise level and interactive programmable LED lighting make it attractive to use for those with learning difficulties and disabilities.


Very eco-friendly and energy efficient – saves trees, reduces waste from paper towels and use only 16% of the energy used by other hand dryers.

Also a perfect choice for Motorway Service Stations, Sports Stadiums, Gyms and Health Clubs, Entertainment venues, Restaurants, Nightclubs – you name it – with its’ funky eye-catching design, modular construction and a 10 year warranty, you can’t go wrong!


Oxford report shows the ONE Series is officially the quietest and safest hand dryer to use


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  • Quietest hand dryer on the market at just 55 db

  • 12 seconds drying time

  • Dynamic changeable LED lighting feature (by end user)

  • Universal voltage: automatic voltage switching for an easier installation

  • Modular design for easy installation and repair

  • Automatic infrared actuated sensor, for power conservation and maximum hygiene

  • Antibacterial coating

  • High improved velocity (8600 LFM) airflow for faster hand drying

  • Robust, vandal-resistant, tamper-proof design and construction for greater product durability and longevity

  • Tamper-proof screws

  • Adjustable output airflow temperature

  • Contributes to LEED and BOMA building certifications

  • Manufacturers lifetime warranty – the best in the industry




Voltage: Universal 115-230*VAC (*50/60Hz)

Wattage: 1450 W at 5.7A (230VAC)

Motor: 1800 RPM brushless external rotor

Volts Hz: 115 – 230, 50 – 60

Air velocity: LFM – 8600

Air volume: CFM – 150


Noise dB: 55

Finish: Porcelain, brushed stainless steel

Heating Element: 1380w resistance coil

Construction Material: Reinforced, premium grade steel

Controls & Wiring: Automatic resetting thermostat with cutout when airflow is restricted.

– Infrared sensor cutout two seconds after hand removal and 60 seconds after initiating drying

Installation: Removable predrilled baseplate for easy mounting

Dimensions: 384H x 223W x 105D mm

Weight: 5.7kg

CSA certified for use in Canada and the U.S. CE approved for use where applicable.

Patent Pending.

Dimensions: H384 x W223 x D105mm.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Black, Brushed stainless steel, White


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