Window Cleaning

Extends up to 6mtrs
Lightweight for ease of use
Bambino Kit
Cleans any flat surface
Mist spray directly onto surface

CLEANO Window Cleaning System

CLEANO icons.png

Save time and safely clean smooth indoor surfaces and windows without the need for buckets and ladders.

Cleano is an innovative telescopic tool, which has been designed to enable easier, faster and safer cleaning of larger and hard to reach windows and flat surfaces. It comes in a range of sizes up to 6mtrs to reach even the highest levels, without the need for buckets and ladders, and uses microfibre cleaning pads to give hygienically clean, smear-free results without the need for chemicals.

It has a built-in hand operated pump system which is completely mechanical, no need for batteries or potentially dangerous trailing wires. This delivers a fine mist directly onto the cleaning surface, minimising water use, and the removable microfibre pad efficiently attracts and holds dirt particles for a fast, thorough clean. The angled, swivel mop head allows easy access to even the  trickiest corners.

Cleano is designed to clean any flat surface of any size, vertical, horizontal or incline. Use a glass pad for cleaning indoor glass surfaces and spot pad for tiles and ceramic surfaces. First fill the tank with water and operate the trigger to spray water onto the surface, then clean with the microfibre pad until more water is required.

Cleano is also available in a hand-held Bambino size, which is ideal for use on smaller surfaces like mirrors, glass or ceramic furniture, stainless steel and tiled areas. Microfibre pad. Spot pad.

T-Bar Window Washer

An ergonomically designed, professional plastic window washer with an adjustable non-slip rubber grip for better user comfort, for use with window wash sleeves. The head has a cross hatch structure which helps hold in water for quicker cleaning without repeated dunking. Available in three head widths for easy washing of all window sizes. (25, 35 & 45cm).

To be used with our wash sleeves (sold separately).

Microfibre Window Wash Sleeve

Super absorbent microfibre sleeve which holds up to eight times its weight in moisture and dirt for excellent cleaning results. Available in three widths for use with T-bar applicator handles. (25, 35 & 45cm).

Scrub Window

Wash Sleeve

Low lint synthetic wash sleeves with a blue scrubbing strip to tackle tougher window cleaning tasks. Available in two widths for use with T-bar applicator handles. (35 & 45cm).

Brass Squeegee

A high quality traditional brass squeegee. Available in three channel widths for easy, smear-free cleaning on all window sizes. (25, 35 & 45cm).

Replacement brass squeegee channels and handles available.

Replacement Rubber Blades

A high quality replacement rubber blade for the Brass Squeegee. Choose from Hard Grade or Soft Grade.

 Available in three widths. (25, 35 & 45cm).

Telescopic Pole

A strong, lightweight aluminium telescopic pole with twist-lock for easy access to hard to reach areas. Available in a range of lengths with secure twist-locking sleeve, and replacement end cones and locking sleeves available. End cone fits the Universal Clamp and Golden Magnet Duster.

* Single section Pole 125cm

* Two section telescopic 2 x 1.25mtr

* Two section telescopic 2 x 2mtr

* Three section telescopic 3 x 2mtr

Universal Clamp

A heavy-duty metal clamp for use with the Telescopic Pole to reach difficult areas. Strong metal jaw will securely hold a scrubbing brush or sponge (sold separately).

Scrubbing Brush Attachment

Wooden scrubbing brush with tough bristles for the easy removal of stubborn dirt. Suitable for use with the Universal Clamp attachment and the Telescopic Pole.


Large Hangers

for Bucket

Large Clip on hangers to fit on Window Cleaners Buckets. (Sold as a pair).


Window Cleaners

Belt Pocket

A three-compartment waterproof pouch, which is an ideal time-saving way to keep cloths, tools, and sundries right at hand when they are needed. 

Microtex Microfibre Cloth

​Microtex is a premium microfibre cloth with high absorbency and is great for heavier duty cleaning tasks.

Size: 40 x 40cm

Pack: 10

Colours: blue/pink/green/


Angled Clamp

Offset Adaptor

A heavy-duty angled metal clamp for use with the Telescopic Pole to reach difficult areas.


12Ltr Window

Cleaning Bucket

Durable plastic bucket with strong easy-lift handle, to hold water and window cleaning equipment. 12Ltr capacity.

(Clip-on hangers sold separately).


Window Scraper,

Holder & Blade

High quality, tough and sturdy scraper with a strong steel handle. Ideal for quick and easy removal of stubborn dirt and paint from glass surfaces. Includes safety cover for blade.

Replacement blades available.


Window Cleaners

Hip Bucket

Versatile hip bucket with dry and wet compartments for squeegee and window washer, keeping hands free for easy access to tight areas and safety on ladders. Use right or left handed. Fixes to trouser belt with a detachable loop.

Hi-Shine Microfibre Cloth

Hi-shine microfibre cloth is designed to give a fast, smear-free clean on glass, steel and shiny surfaces. A thick, semi-disposable microfibre cloth, which can be used damp or dry, it is highly absorbent but easy to wring out and dries quickly after use.

Size: 40 x 40cm

Pack: 10

Colours: Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow

Weight: 140gsm

Large Window Cleaning Sponge

Large, durable sponge with a cellular structure for good absorption and effective cleaning. Tear-resistant and ideal for use with the Universal Clamp attachment and the Telescopic Pole.

Size:  21 x 11 x 7cm


24Ltr Heavy Duty Window Cleaning Bucket

Large, heavy duty plastic bucket with strong easy-lift handle, to hold water and window cleaning equipment. Comes complete with castors and lid. 24Ltr capacity.

(Clip on hangers sold separately).


Safety Pocket

Size Scraper

Handy pocket sized holder for scraper blades, with a slide design to retract blade into holder for safety.

Blades sold separately.

Size: 10 x 5cm.


Genuine Chamois

High quality oil-dressed chamois leather cloth for smear-free drying and finishing of glass surfaces.

Size: 3.5sqft



Glass & Mirror Cleaner

Rapidly removes film, dust fingerprints and greasy soil from windows, mirrors, chrome, stainless steel and windshields.

Non-abrasive and ammonia free, designed to give a sparkling and streak free finish.

Safe to use in kitchen areas.