Nickel & Ross NR20 HVAC Scent Diffuser


The unit is fully programmable with up 4 separate operating periods.

The Nickel & Ross NR20 Scent Diffuser is a stylish fragrance solution, which creates a fragrant atmosphere for medium to large areas, utilizing advanced atomizer technology to create a fine mist of fragrance which is then diffused into the environment.


This unit can be used in two ways: As a wall-mounted unit which is ideal for public space and especially where theft is interference is a risk. Ideal for shopping centres, car showrooms, unmanned reception areas etc. Or, it can be mounted out of site and connected very simply to the existing HVAC system, allowing the fragrance to be dispersed via the air ventilation grills. This is ideal for airports, casinos, offices and retail space.


The unit is fully programmable with up 4 separate operating periods.

Each fragrance can be programmed to last according to location preferences.


Unlike heavier aerosol droplets which fall within minutes, the NR12 particles are much smaller and lighter, remaining airborne for many hours.


NR20 Scent Diffuser is more environmentally friendly than aerosol-based products. The fragrance formulation is VOC exempt & contains no propellants or HFC’s.


Operation: DC 12v (UK and European plug supplied)

Protection: Key-lockable door

Power: 6w

Coverage: up to 1000m³ (35’315 ft³)

Noise: Less than 50 dB

Dimensions: H268 x W290 D100mm)

Bottle: 500ml (3.5fl oz)

Installation: Wall-mounted (fixings supplied) / Freestanding / HVAC system connection

Control: Programmable touch screen

Material(s): Steel

Colour: Black


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